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Scuba Dive the Pier in St. Croix
One of the Seven Jewels of the Caribbean

One of the 7 Jewels of the Caribbean, The Pier is a must see for diving (by day and especially by night).


Known for its pillars stretching into the light, corals, sponges, and a dazzling array of colors – a host of wildlife finds sanctuary in this gothic hallway.  If you stop for a moment and listen to the nearby bell tower mark the hour you dive in, you may think you are floating among the isles and stained glass cathedrals of Europe.


If you’re lucky, you may see a seahorse or two, or maybe the rare frogfish!  Turtles are known to favor a few spots next to The Pier and breeding season is in the winter (read: baby turtles hatching around September!).  The Pier is home to turtles, seahorses, several species of eels, spiny lobsters and the whole catalogue of Caribbean fish.


Dive Profile: The Pier starts at the beach or with a small hop off the seawall into 8-12' deep water.  The vast majority of The Pier is 25-40' in depth.  Known for seahorses and frogfish, turtles, (and octopus at night), it is easy to spend an hour diving. 


We recommend hiring a Divemaster to guide you on your 1st trip to point out all the creatures we know by name -- this way you can explore everything we point out on all subsequent dives and enjoy The Pier at your leisure.


Caution:  Be careful not to touch.  A simple finger pushing off the pillars can kill the corals & sponges.  There are also sharp barnacles, a few spiky sea urchin, fire coral, and bearded fireworms (they look like caterpillars).  While not poisonous, these can all ruin a vacation and sting quite a bit and leave a mark for days (like having a lot of mosquito bites).  And touching a turtle is a large fine (they are endangered).

Cruise Ships: diving and snorkeling the Pier is not allowed on days cruise ships are there... something about the Dept. of Homeland Security. :)




Frederiksted, located on the west end of St. Croix, has a long and storied history. The town settled in the 1600s, with Fort Frederik being built in the 1700s.  Many battles for control of the island ensued over the 1600-1700s with several ships being cannoned or burned. Frederiksted was the second largest town on St. Croix. Today, the fort houses a museum. Frederiksted is often referred to by locals as "Freedom City" because it and the fort is the site where then Governor General Peter Van Scholten read the proclamation abolishing slavery in 1848.  Destroyed by arson in the mid-1800s, the town was rebuilt in 1878 in its present Victorian style.


In 1800, the town had a dock near the present pier.  Often times crates of good (whole or broken), bottles, and clay pipes would find themselves dropping to the sea-floor to be buried by the sands of time. 


In 1900s a cement pier was built but destroyed in 1989 by Category 5 Hurricane Hugo, where ~90% of the island of St. Croix has been wrecked.  Two sections of this old pier remain and are called 'the dolphins' as they appear to jump out of the water.


1990s built a new pier (current pier) that reaches over 1500 feet in length, with an extension built to handle the larger cruise ships.  The end of walking portion of The Pier is ~42' deep and the very end of the extended pier is about 90'. 


Why so much on the town's history?  Underwater archeology.  Oftentimes people will come across bottles from the 1600's-1800's, broken plateware/china (each country has its own color), and even old clay pipes.  Please note:  items taken form the beach (shells, pottery, broken bottles, etc.) will be confiscated at the airport.  Please enjoy them in the water and for others to discover.


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