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N2 The Blue Diving Adventures

St. Croix,  United States Virgin Islands

1-(340)-772-DIVE (3483)

Toll Free 1-877-579-0572


17.42.964 N


Located 100 steps from the Frederiksted Cruise Ship Pier and at Salt River Marina!

Welcome to St. Croix, the premier island for scuba diving in the United States Virgin Islands chain.  The great wall-, shipwreck-, pier-, and reef dives appeal to any scuba diver regardless of experience.

 N2 The Blue specializes in small group diving, with a maximum of 6 divers per boat.  Whether from one of our custom dive boats, or going right off the Frederiksted Pier, our personalized experience makes us an excellent choice. We are ready to take you N2 The Blue!   

Cruise Ship Visitors!  Our dive boat leaves directly from the cruise ship pier.  No Taxis, no extra costs.  More time to shop after diving. Check out our "Back to the Boat" guarantee.


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